The Roe Group

This group is unique in that it starts with members within the church. It is usually a couples group or it can be mixed.

Members of the Roe Group form close relationships within the church community. This evening group bonds in fellowship over popcorn, cheese and crackers, or “whatever” before doing the one-page lesson that lasts about an hour.

“Leadertips” provide the lesson format and each member has the Life Application Bible. The Roe Group has home-
work, which leads to intriguing discussions, and the group naturally develops its own personality.

Size: 2-5 couples or 10 people max
Time: One hour minimum
Meet: In homes
Refreshment Ideas: Tea or coffee, popcorn, cheese, and crackers

Hear what members of a Roe Group had to say:

“Team Discipleship is a great way to study God’s word in a structured lesson and pray in the company of believers who love the Lord and each other.” -Chris

“Joining the weekly Bible study group has been a great decision for Susan and me. It has brought us closer to God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Through studying God’s word and communicating what is studied with fellow Christians in the group, we have improved our understanding and love for our amazing God, Abba, and His amazing Son, Jesus Christ. The group has helped us to more openly share our love and knowledge of God with others. Everyone in our group is kind, loving, and compassionate; and we are thankful and honored to be with them.” -Rodney and Susan

“In my small group the Word came alive to me in a way I didn’t know was possible. I learned how to have a real relationship with the Lord and the extreme importance of this. My whole world changed; and, by the grace of God, I was saved.” -Amy