The Knisely Group

This model group was created by Mike Knisely while a campus pastor at Cedar Creek Church in Toledo, Ohio. This group is unique in that a large group of smaller groups meets at the same time.

The key is dividing the larger group into smaller groups of four to six at each table. These smaller groups will serve as their own separate groups with separate discussions that follow the “Leadertips” format. It is possible to have more than one type of Team Discipleship study going on at the same time. It is important that each group member have a Life Application Bible and the lesson with “Leadertips.”

Size: 8 to 45+
Time: One hour minimum
Meet: At a church building or any place with a large room
Refreshment suggestions: Bottled water, coffee—Keep it simple!

This is what Pastor Mike Knisely had to say about this group:

“As a pastor, Team Discipleship has been a great tool for building and investing in men’s lives. As a leader, when you connect with other men in a way that adds value to their lives, it is a win-win. Team Discipleship has allowed me to teach, connect, and watch men in our church grow, improving their lives at home and at work. Growing and learning together in this way deepens the unity and connection in men’s families, in the church, and more. This format and study has been a great asset to me in leading, investing in lives, and growing the church.”