The Cook Group

This group is unique in that it is evangelistic. It starts with one of the leaders teaching a mixed, single, or couples group who new members are outside the church. It could be started as a neighborhood group or a group of friends or family members.

A good icebreaker series to start with is “For a Great Marriage.” To begin a Cook Group make sure each person has a Life Application Bible, a copy of “Leadertips”, and the lessons.

Size: 2-5 couples or a mixed group of 2-10 people
Time: 1 hour minimum
Meet: In homes
Refreshment Suggestions: None, tea or coffee, cookies, cheese and crackers, popcorn (Keep it simple.)

This is what members of a Cook Group had to say:

“Team Discipleship has brought me closer to God and understanding His Word.” Yvette

“My group encourages me! I look forward to meeting and hearing how Jesus is working in each other’s lives. I end our weekly meetings with a feeling of accomplishment, family, and well-being.” Emily

“I enjoy time with my family in our group. I love sharing my prayer requests with others and learning about the words of the Bible. I feel like a lot of positive changes have occurred in my life since joining this group.” Felix