The Drude Group

This is the foundational group for all Team Discipleship groups, and its size is based on how many could fellowship around one table. This group consists of men only or women only, and this allows for more intimate discussion and accountability. Otherwise, the group should follow the Roe model with men and women.

The Drude Group, as with all other Team discipleship groups, uses the Life Application Study Bible as its text, and it is available in many versions. “Leadertips” is the format, which makes it easy for other leaders to emerge.

If you do not have Bible studies in your church, you could start with this model. You will find each member falling more and more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

Size: 2-7
Time: 1 hour minimum
Meet: In restaurants, homes, or offices
Homework: 30 to 60 minutes

This is what the members of a Drude Group had to say:

“Team Discipleship is a time of Christian fellowship and encouragement. God’s Word flows through the lessons and provides spiritual nourishment and godly direction, restoring hope to its Christ followers during these uncertain times.” -Chuck M.

“My Team Discipleship group has given me the joy that comes from finally knowing why Jesus came to earth. It’s there, easy to do, and people in the study groups can be the best friends you could ever make. Now I don’t fear death anymore. Instead, I can’t wait until I meet Him face to face.” -Rich

“Twelve years ago my friend and doctor invited me to attend a Bible study. Over the years Team Discipleship has
caused me to love the Lord and given me a new family. The weekly get together and study has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to the Scriptures.” -Jon

“Team Discipleship has given me a chance to really read and discuss the Bible. It has been a real learning experience.” -Lee

“The small group has provided further study and understanding of the Bible.” -Jim

“Team Discipleship provides Christian fellowship, sharing, and Scripture study.” -Chuck T.

“Joining a weekly Bible study group is one of the best decisions I have made. It has strengthened my faith and deepened my relationship with Christ.” -Peter