The DePaul Group

This group is unique in that it is the only group that does not do homework. Following the “Leadertips” format, the DePaul Group is ideal for Sunday school or one-on- one or more with children, grandchildren, or other limited small groups. It is useful where expectations of biblical discoveries are to be found in a group setting. The DePaul Group should not be used as a starter group, but there is a niche where the DePaul Group could serve the church well.

Size: 2-7
Time: One hour minimum
Meet: In restaurants, homes, or Sunday Schools

This is what the members of a DePaul Group had to say:

“Without Christ there is no hope. Team Discipleship is the best thing I ever could have joined. I have learned so much about Christ, and it has given me the courage to be able to discuss Him with anyone, at anytime, and anywhere. I just want to give thanks for Team Discipleship, for through them I’ve met Christ.” – Melburn

“Team Discipleship is a relaxing time, and I enjoy talking and learning more about Jesus Christ, my Abba Father.” – Paul

“Team Discipleship has helped me to form my relationship with Christ as center. Studying the Word with a small group has been very beneficial to my walk with Christ. It has also encouraged me to encourage others.” – Carolyn

“Team Discipleship has helped me in my relationship with the Lord. Coming together with other believers encourages me and helps me to stand strong in Christ. I am so thankful for it.” – Katelyn