Team Discipleship’s Mission: Small Group Bible Studies

Our vision is:

To: Serve the Lord and the church
By: Starting small group Bible studies, providing verse-by-verse lessons,
And: Using Team Discipleship “Leadertips”
To: Raise up group leaders
Who: Lead small group Bible studies.

Our heavenly Father speaks to believers through His Word. Team Discipleship’s small groups help believers to learn the Scriptures and have our Lord Jesus Christ speak to them through His Word. In small groups, the body life of the church is practiced. Not only do the groups study and learn God’s word. They share one another’s burdens.

By his grace, our Lord has given us success in all the group models. The one page lesson is free except for the Life Application Bible, which can be purchased from CBD (1-800-247-4784) or other online bookstores; and the homework is not overwhelming. Since Team Discipleship is a non-profit organization, we have no financial gain in your participation. Our gain is in knowing that we have given our brothers and sisters in the Lord an opportunity to search the Scriptures and to love our Lord Jesus more and more. That gives us tremendous satisfaction.

If you have a question or need help to start a Team Discipleship group, please text us at (985) 264-4232. Your contacting us gives us an opportunity to pray for you and share in your blessings.