You can trust Team Discipleship. Along with the Life Application Bible Study Bible, Team Discipleship supports its Bible study with reliable and dependable authors like Kent Hughes, John MacArthur, Douglas Moo, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Wayne Grudem. You will see new leaders emerge as the groups use “Leadertips” as the format. In each session the groups study the Bible, hold one another accountable, pray for each other, and pray for you.

You make the call. By studying the Bible verse by verse, your members will grow in grace, love, and knowledge of Jesus Christ. May we suggest studying the different types of groups and choosing a model that best fits your needs. Remember each group’s size is determined by how many could fellowship around one table.

We have found that you are very effective in getting groups started if you call prospective members and tell them they need to be in a small group Bible study, and you have just the group for them. Use Team Discipleship. Your church will be changed more and more into the image of Jesus Christ.